15 Blogs That Will Help You Make Money Off Your Writing

15 Blogs That Will Help You Make Money Off Your Writing

“Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.” ~ Jules Renard

True writers write because they enjoy creating art, connecting with the community of writers and sharing their perspective. But the reality is, every writer still has to pay the bills. And the only way you can afford to keep creating is to charge enough to not only survive but to thrive.

Here are 15 awesome blogs that will help you make money off your writing, one of our favorite posts from each site:


Want to start freelancing but not sure you can make a living at it? Carol writes about how to make money doing what you love, and this site is her own personal contribution to an industry that has given her so much.

For inspiration, check out .


One of the hardest parts of blogging is getting noticed. Onibalusi wants to help you generate more traffic, which in turn will help you generate more income from your writing. And who doesn’t want more income?

Start with so you can get recognized (and earn some cash!) for your awesome writing skills.


One of the best parts of blogging is being part of a community. It’s about learning from each experience and teaching the newbies what you’ve learned. At Write to Done, you can share that knowledge with a community of writers and discuss the art of the written word.

Get a headstart at improving your writing skills with .


Sophie was broke, jobless, homeless and pregnant when she started freelancing, and now she supports her family by freelancing part time. She knows what she’s talking about! (And she’s awesome, too.)

Sign up for Sophie’s free newsletter and you’ll get access to her free resource, .


“I wish I could do what you’re doing.” Dana heard this phrase a lot as she started making a living as a writer, and at A Writer’s Bucket List, she wants everyone to know that YOU CAN! She writes to give aspiring writers the nudge to make their dreams come true.

is a great first nudge in the right direction.


Do you stare out your cubicle and long to leave it all behind and pursue your dreams? Tom did that, and now he makes his living working as a freelance writer. Check out his story and get inspired to quit that job you hate and replace it with work you’re passionate about.

One of our favorite posts on Tom’s site is .


How do we learn to be successful? We study those who already are! Blogcast FM is a great resource for interviews with successful entrepreneurs, business owners and published authors.

As a starting point, check out.


What if you want to run your own business but have a household to run at the same time? Mindy writes about being a write-at-home mom, balancing entrepreneurship and family.

Mindy’s are a must-read for any upcoming freelancer.


Want to know your options for funding a writing career? Funds for Writers provides useful information on grants, markets, and awards (sprinkled with motivation) for serious writers of all skill and experience levels.

Jump right in with the and pages to get your funds rolling!


Learn how to promote and market your writing from someone who’s been there. Joanna is a fiction writer and marketing maven who shares her journey to help others get their work out into the world.

A post from Joanna we like: .


“Why do writers write?” Jeff started his blog in search of answers to questions like this one. He found a community of inquisitive and creative aspiring writers who pondered the same questions. If you want to join a community of people who change the world through their words, this is the place to go.

Head on over to and start creating.


Alexis inspires writers to make their own luck through writing, entrepreneurship and social media. She preaches (and practices) using technology to your advantage in both your career and in your life.

Here’s some tough love from Alexis: .


This is the ultimate resource for new and experienced freelancers. FreelanceSwitch provides helpful information on determining rates, finding work and the transition from full-time work to freelance.

For a crash course in the art of freelancing, read .


You are a writer because you’re creative, and you’re creative because you’re unconventional. So why would you follow rules on how to be a freelance writer? Linda and Diana write about how to figure out freelancing on your own terms while using your strengths to advance your career.

Don’t miss this post from Linda and Diana:.


How do you figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to freelancing? Ruan writes about his experience as a full-time blogger on topics like negotiating with clients, creating a distinct online presence and, of course, blogging!

A good place to start on this site: .

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