23 Gifts for Writers: Fun Ideas for Christmas and Chanukah

23 Gifts for Writers: Fun Ideas for Christmas and Chanukah

Each year, we list our top gifts for writers in our annual holiday gift guide. Be sure to check out our holiday gift guides from 201820172016, 2015 and 2013, as well as this list of creative and clever presents for your favorite writer.

Don’t know what to buy for the writer in your life? Or maybe you’re a writer yourself and you’re trying to come up with a few good Amazon wish list items to share with friends and family?

For inspiration, here’s a list of 23 gift ideas for writers. I’d love to see any of these wrapped up with my name on it this holiday season! Most of these gifts are affordable and make excellent stocking stuffers, although we’ve included a few pricier gift ideas as well — hey, writers can dream, can’t they?

If you still want more ideas after browsing this list, hop over to last year’s list of the best gifts for writers.

1. Fancy notebook

Chances are, your writer has a notebook that he or she carries at all times. I never let my notebook out of sight; I even put it next to me when I sleep!

Most writers love the , and since it’s nicer than the run-of-the-mill legal pad, it makes a great gift. They come in all sizes, and you can even find a that includes both a notebook and a pen.

You almost can’t go wrong with this gift — even if your favorite writer already has a notebook, she’ll probably be happy to have another!

2. Fancy pen

What better to go with a fancy notebook than a fancy pen? A quick trip to your local pen shop or stationery store will give you a plethora of pen options.

Or, go the extra mile and find out which pen your writer prefers. We all have a favorite, after all. I only purchase for myself, so I would very much appreciate a box of those under the tree this holiday season.

3. Evernote Premium

Let’s start this list with a great organizational tool: . This program is designed to help you “keep everything at your fingertips,” from receipts (important for taxes!) to interview notes to brainstorming for your next novel. Work online or offline with ease and have all of your information right where you need it.

How do we know that writers want Evernote Premium in their holiday gift boxes this year? When our founder Alexis Grant asked writers on Facebook what they’d like to win for a holiday giveaway, Evernote Premium was one of their top choices.

4. Laptop sticker

A writer’s laptop is often the equivalent of his or her corner office. Open that laptop up at home, at a coffee shop or on a plane, and it’s like you’ve created a pop-up workspace.

So why not decorate that office with a fun great laptop sticker? You can get the classic sticker for a MacBook, or find out your writer’s favorite artist and get a themed sticker, like this Scott Lava sticker (hint hint)!

5. Famous writer action figures

Famous writer action figures make excellent toys for the writer in your life. Accoutrements makes a variety of writer action figures, including ,  and .

Your writer will enjoy posing the figure on his or her writing desk, or, you know, making Jane Austen fight a toy dinosaur. (I’d totally do that.)

6. Earbuds

We all know writers who can’t work without tunes. Plugging in to Pandora, Spotify or iTunes is a great way to get things done, but it also means writers sometimes go through a pair or two of earbuds a year.

So stuff your favorite writer’s stocking with a pair of high-quality earbuds. I swear by Skullcandy, so I’d love a pair of . That way I can jam out no matter where I’m working!

7. Coffee gift card

Yes, writers love their coffee — and their coffee shops, which are often one of the best places to get work done. (I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the comfortable chairs, or the comfort of being surrounded by other people tapping on laptops.)

So give your writer a or a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop. It’s both the gift of coffee and the gift of a few hours to sit in a cafe and draft that important project.

gifts for writers

8. Paid To Blog

Every writer needs a blog of their very own; it’s how they promote their work, share their thoughts, and make connections with fans and readers. has both helped me find my audience and has gotten me some great writing gigs!

Better yet, want to get paid to blog?  will teach you everything you need to know to make $100+ per hour from freelance blogging.

9. Kindle

Yes, you can read ebooks on your laptop or your phone, but they’re best read on ebook readers. If your writer doesn’t already have a Kindle or another ebook reader, it’s time to fix that.

Shop to find the best Kindle for your writer. These Kindles also come with a 30-day subscription to Kindle Unlimited, which is exactly what it sounds like: access to the over 700,000 books in the Kindle Unlimited Library.

10. Amazon gift card

If you give a writer a Kindle, chances are your writer is going to want to buy some books. Make the process easier by sending over a . This card will get your writer access to Kindle ebooks as well as anything else he or she might need from Amazon.

11. Inspirational magnets

When you work from home, you need all the inspiration you can get. Help your writer out with some fun themed inspirational magnets.

There are about as many themed Magnetic Poetry kits as there are poems, including , and even ! Pick a theme that matches your writer’s style, and be prepared to see an ode to the awesomeness of bacon written on your refrigerator.

Gifts for Writers

12. The New Yorker subscription

Every writer reads The New Yorker — or at least pretends to! After all, the only task that will improve your writing more than writing itself is reading.

Make things easier by buying your writer a . Right now, it’s just a dollar an issue.

13. Writer’s Digest subscription

Help your favorite writer stay up-to-date on all things writing with a subscription to .

For more than 90 years, Writer’s Digest has helped aspiring writers “polish their skills and hone their craft.”

14. The Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing

I am a huge fan of Chris Guillebeau’s work, and I bought for myself last year. This guide is an amazing resource, and it will help your writer learn more about pitching clients, promoting work, and building a career.

As The Write Life Assistant Editor Heather van der Hoop wrote in her review, this ebook and supplementary materials will help you “stop making excuses and start building your writing business. Seriously — it’s all outlined here. Grab a pen, get to work, and check those tasks off your list.”

15. Standing desk

Want to really treat your writer this holiday season? Give the gift of a standing desk. These desks help writers alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday, and they promote health, burn calories, increase energy levels and prevent the development of Writer’s Butt.

There are many different types of standing desks on the market, but it’s probably best to buy one of the simple types designed to stand on top of your writer’s existing desk. The is a bestseller, and is built to accommodate both laptops and traditional computers.

16. Damn Fine Words

What’s the phrase — if you give a writer a book, she reads for a day; if you give her a course, she learns for a lifetime?

Why not give your writer the opportunity to participate in James Chartrand’s ? This course, which will open registration in February 2015 for new members, teaches students how to write compelling website copy, clickable headlines and other expert skills that will give writers a boost in the digital content world.

Yes, it’s not something you can put in a box and wrap with a bow. But it is likely to be very much appreciated.

17. Literary T-shirts

What’s your writer’s favorite book? Chances are, there’s a shirt with that design. Pick a  or a . Okay? Okay.

18. On Writing

Stephen King’s  is hailed as one of the best writing guides ever written. Your writer may already own this book — in which case, please refer to the other items on this list for gift ideas — but if it isn’t already on your writer’s bookshelf, it’s time to make sure he or she gets a copy.

And yes, the author is that Stephen King.

19. The Chicago Manual of Style

Here’s another must-have book for writers. If they don’t already have on their bookshelves — and you’ll notice it, it’s pretty big — it’s time to give them the gift of the industry’s most respected style guide.

Want to give them the information without wrapping up a 984-page book? There’s also , available in subscription form for $35 per year.

20. MediaBistro AvantGuild Membership

is a great resource for writers, and their membership program offers additional resources and tools, including the weekly How To Pitch Articles series, which provides writers with real-world tips on what to pitch and what not to pitch, as well as pitch guidelines for major publications.

Other AvantGuild membership bonuses include access to magazines’ editorial calendars, a masthead database with a list of magazines and editors, and even a discount on a Zipcar membership! This is the type of gift that keeps on giving long after the holiday season is over.

21. Bookends

Gift ideas for writers: Owl bookendsTake a look around your writer’s home or office and you’ll probably see a lot of books. I have books stacked on my bookshelf, next to my bed, even on the floor!

Help your writer keep those books under control with a set of adorable, sturdy bookends. I’m fond of these , but you can find bookends in nearly any design.

22. Scrivener

Writers rave about as one of the best writing software tools. Use Scrivener to create and organize outlines, make notes that you can organize on-screen like index cards, and keep all of your writing research in one place.

When you’re ready to write, Scrivener minimizes distractions so you can focus on your work. Scrivener also includes tools for screenwriting, scriptwriting and even . It comes in separate versions for and operating systems.

23. Writer’s retreat

Want to give your writer something truly special? Give the gift of a writer’s retreat or residency. Tell your writer that you’ll help with the application and retreat costs, and then use resources like this list of writer’s retreats and this list of residencies to decide where to apply.

There are writer’s retreats and residencies for every type of writer, from beginner to expert, so find a good match and give your writer the gift of time and space to pursue his or her craft.

What’s on your wish list this year, writers?

Want more ideas? Read our list of gifts for writers from 2013 and 2015.

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