Mayi Carles’ 5K Sales in 365 Days: Review

Mayi Carles’ 5K Sales in 365 Days: Review

We review ebooks, courses and tools for writers, so you can make good decisions about how to invest in your writing career. Thanks to Mayi Carles for sharing a review copy of this ebook.

Update: 5K Sales in 365 Days is no longer available.

Ebook: 5K Sales in 365 Days

About the creator: Mayi Carles is a Panamanian artist and entrepreneur who’s endeared herself to a legion of “messy entrepreneurs” with her useful products and quirky videos. She created 5K Sales in 365 Days to show you how she earned $75,000 within a year of launching her first product. Her mission is “empowering creative hearts” through her Heartmade Blog and Life Is Messy Bootcamp.

Price: $97

Who It’s For: Any creative who wants to create and launch a successful online product like an ebook, video training or email course.

What It Will Help You Do: This ebook walks you all the way through the development and sale of your first product. Mayi covers a wide range of topics: brainstorming product ideas, figuring out your ideal customer, designing your sales page, dealing with affiliates, using email marketing and having a killer launch.

What’s Included: This aesthetically-charming ebook is 140 pages long and includes 15 comprehensive lessons. It’s full of smart ideas and actionable tips, with the majority of chapters containing written exercises, worksheets and checklists. You won’t just consume the information — you will analyze the product you want to create and the audience you want to help.

The Best Part: Mayi claims to write like she talks, and I believe her. Reading through this book is like chatting with a zany girlfriend — one who knows her stuff. She radiates positivity and happiness, and sprinkles inspirational quotes throughout the lessons.

She uses personal anecdotes to help you connect with her, and she takes the time to address the mental blocks that may be hindering you. Get ready for some pep talks! This book is definitely not your typical online business book: it’s part business, part personal cheerleader, part art and a whole lot of cupcakes.

What Would Make It Even Better: A thorough copyedit would help. Though I loved the book and its message, it was difficult not to get distracted by the abundance of typos and errors.

How It Changed My Life: I connected with Mayi’s personality and the self-helpy vibe of the book. While reading her words, “Why wait? Start your own love project,” I thought to myself: why have I waited this long? It’s given me a kick in the pajama pants to finally get my ebook started.

Our Recommendation: If you’re looking for a fun-loving and creative friend to hold your hand while you create your first product, this book will be your new bestie. If you’d prefer a grammatically polished, no-nonsense business manual, then you’d be better off buying something a little more serious.

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