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Pitch Fix: How to Sell a Story That Relies on a News Peg

When current events happen, the pitching clock starts ticking. Here’s how to land your idea before the news peg goes stale.

pitch fix

Pitch Fix: Before Submitting Your Story Idea, Consider Your Research Options

You might have a good story idea, but have you thought about how you’ll prove your point?

pitch fix

Making This Common Query Letter Mistake? Here’s Your Pitch Fix

This recent journalism graduate’s pitches were getting derailed by a focus on his writing desires instead of his value.

how to write a pitch, credit: warrengoldswain

The 3 Biggest Pitch Mistakes This Editor Sees Every Day

Increase your odds of getting an article published with one editor’s advice on how to write a pitch that will make it past the inbox.

freelance income report

Pitch Your Dream Clients: October Income Report from Nicole Dieker

This month, Nicole reaches a new financial milestone and answers two reader questions about freelancing.

freelance income report

Tracking Freelance Earnings: May Income Report From Nicole Dieker

This month, Nicole checks in with a fellow The Write Life contributor about her freelance writing goals.

pitch fix

Why Your Personal Essay Pitch Needs Both Substance and Style

A good personal essay pitch goes beyond facts and figures. It’s got to have a little sparkle, too.

freelance income report

Tracking Freelance Earnings: February Income Report From Nicole Dieker

Long-term freelance projects can make it hard to balance your budget. But the wait can be worth it.

pitch fix

Pitching Long-Form Journalism? Don’t Forget Your Goal

If you’re not doing this in your long-form journalism pitch, you’ll lose editors fast.

personal essay

How to Sell Your Personal Essay: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Writing a thoughtful personal essay isn’t enough. Now you have to convince someone to publish it.

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