Corbett Barr’s Start a Blog That Matters: Review

Corbett Barr’s Start a Blog That Matters: Review

We review ebooks, courses and tools for writers, so you can make good decisions about how to invest in your writing career. This is the first post in our review series.


About the creator: Corbett Barr is part of the team behind FizzleCo and runs the blogs Think Traffic and Expert Enough, which together boast over four million unique visitors. He teaches people how to build sustainable, successful online businesses with engaged audiences.

Price: $97

Who It’s For: Anyone who is interested in a step-by-step guide to creating a successful blog.

What It Will Help You Do: Though there are many guides that will help you create a blog and publish your first post in a few minutes, this course  will help you build the infrastructure and thinking processes needed to create a blog that will be successful over the long term. The first lesson is often the most challenging for fiction writers: Choosing The Perfect Topic for Your Blog. The exercises in the module should help you narrow your focus and get started.

What’s Included:

  • 13 weekly lessons

  • 13 weekly step-by-step action plans

  • Over 8 hours of video

  • Answers to FAQ’s from the first 800+ students.

  • Discounted web hosting and recommended tools

  • A 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

  • Bonus interviews (Leo Babauta and Danielle Laporte) and case studies (Live Your Legend and Expert Enough).

The Best Part: The modules provide enough information without being overwhelming. Since they are designed as weekly lessons, this really helps you prioritize your time and energy by breaking things down into specific tasks and action items for the week.

What Would Make It Even Better: This course isn’t specifically for writers so none of the case studies or example sites are of writers.

How It Changed My Life: I started my blog, in the spring of 2012 as a way to start building an audience for my . The blog has led to some amazing connections and experiences that I would have never imagined. Since then, I’ve made friends and developed connections all over the world and was even a speaker at .

Our Recommendation: SABTM’s is well worth the money to get you started as a successful blogger. Highly recommended.

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  • benzeknees says:

    It’s nice to have another person’s opinion of a course. You never know when you sign up for a course what you’re going to get. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kathy W says:

    It would be more helpful to me to know the credentials of the person who’s offering this reviewed course than those of the person writing the review. Lorena Knapp’s review didn’t answer this most elementary of questions that someone considering taking a course would ask: Who’s the teacher, Corbett Barr? Then there are the other, equally elementary questions: What does Corbett Barr know about blogging, and how? What are his criteria for “a blog that matters”? How does his course compare to others that might be available (in content? in price?). This kind of review is not the rigorous evaluation of a product that I’d expect. In fact, it’s more of a promotion for Ms. Knapp and her own book. I give this review a D-minus.

    • Alexis Grant says:

      Hi Kathy,

      Great point. While it’s never fun to get constructive feedback, we *really* appreciate your points here. Why? Because this is a new site, this is a new series of posts, and it helps us to understand what YOU want to know about as the reader. We’ll certainly incorporate your ideas into future reviews, and hopefully Lorena can chime in here about Corbett’s expertise, too. (With all fairness to Lorena, she followed the template we provided for reviews!)

      Also, it’s easy for us to forget that just because Corbett is a huge name doesn’t mean everyone knows who he is! Good reminder.

      Thanks for reading and actually commenting when you had something valuable to offer,

    • Lorena says:

      As Alexis mentioned, thanks for your comment. It was an oversight on our part not to establish any credibility for Corbett. I’ve worked with Corbett on multiple courses and he always provides tremendous value while also being authentic and transparent. You can learn more about Corbett here: . He’s well established in the blogging community as an authority figure- with over 100,000 visitors each month to his blogs, he’s doing something right.


  • Josephine juma says:

    I think you guys(lorena and corbett) are doing a good job,,,,,,,all the best.cheers


  • Thanks for the feedback — we’ve added a short description of Corbett’s credentials to the review!

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