The One Tool Every Freelance Writer Needs to Succeed

The One Tool Every Freelance Writer Needs to Succeed

Are you a blog-less freelance writer?

If your answer is “yes”, you might want to reconsider that decision (and consult The Write Life’s handy guide to starting a blog).

Us freelancers have a lot to deal with. With hefty administrative workloads, endless project scoping and delivery, customer management and more, it often seems like the work just never ends.  

Carving out time for vacation, to spend time with friends and family, and even just for a good night’s sleep isn’t always the easiest to do when you’re operating a full time freelance life.

So creating a blog to maintain on top of all that work surely seems like it’s outside the realm of reasonable possibilities, right?

Well, not quite.

I won’t go so far as to claim that blogging doesn’t take a lot of time (it takes about as long as it takes you to write and edit 1,000 words of content) but it certainly isn’t as complex as you might originally think it to be. Learning how to start a blog and actually executing on that is easy. After the initial setup, your next step is to simply write.

Plus, blogging isn’t just one of those ticky-box items you check off your to-do list. It’s way more than that. Blogging is an invaluable tool that could very well be the fuel that boosts your freelance business far beyond what you ever expected possible.

Here are eight reasons every freelance writer needs a blog.

1. Blogs are built in portfolios

If you’re trying to sell yourself as a freelance writer, your blog will definitely do the trick.  

Blogging on your own site displays who you are as a writer and as a contributor within your community.  Sure, your website will display work you’ve written for other clients, but your blog uniquely shows your natural writing style without pressure or outside influence.

Let your potential clients peruse your writing in its natural habitat, and get a taste for who you are as a writer through your blog. If your writing fits their style, you’ll be more likely to land a contract with them.

2. Blogs helps you build niche authority

When you’re perceived as an expert, you’ll fare well as a freelance writer. It’s truly that simple.

Clients want to hire someone who’s well experienced and has the necessary skill set to create content that converts. When you contribute highly valuable content within your niche, your clients will start to envision you providing that same level of success to them.

Higher niche authority allows you to land more clients, increase your freelance rates, and it opens the door to new opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have been privy to.

3. Blogging shows that writing is your passion, not just your job

Sure, we can all head to the next freelance job board and land a few projects writing for various different websites and magazines.  

But when you write for your own website, your passion for writing truly shines.  

There’s a difference between someone who writes purely for a paycheck and someone who writes because they really, genuinely love to write. Passion sells, and maintaining your own blog will help display your unique passion.

4. Blogging helps boost your search engine rankings

One of the fundamental goals for creating a website that “converts” and lands you more clients is to appear higher in search results.  

A great way to increase your search result rankings is to produce unique, highly valuable blog content.

5. Your blog is a marketing tool

Target your ideal clients by writing blogs they’d be interested to read.  

Blogging is free marketing, and it could definitely be the tool that attracts long lasting clients and creates that lucrative new revenue stream you’ve been looking for. The more you blog on topics your potential clients benefit from, the greater the likelihood they’ll trust you and purchase your services.

6. Blogging teaches you about critically important aspects of business online

As a freelance writer, you might not have placed heavy emphasis on the entrepreneurial aspects of making money online, or making money anywhere. When you start a blog online, you start to develop a highly valuable set of skills your next set of clients might expect you to have.  Plenty of freelance writers know nothing about search-engine optimization and other extremely important online marketing tactics.

Blogging provides you the foundation to learn and put into practice all of these skills that will set you apart and help you land that next big project.

7. Maintaining a blog helps you exercise that all-important writing muscle

Even seasoned freelance writers experience dry spells at times.

Rather than taking a breather from the work and allowing yourself  to slide into a slump, keep the groove going by frequently contributing to your blog. Set a schedule and stick to it even if it’s only to write a few quick posts.  

Maintaining a blog will help you exercise your writing muscles and stay fresh and avoid writer’s block for your next project. When the work picks up again, it will be easier to transition back to your normal workflow if you never stopped!

8. Blogging is great freelance networking tool

The more you blog and get yourself out there, the more you network!  

Guest posting, for example is a great way for freelance writers who blog to get themselves out there and meet fellow freelancers. Networking with other freelancers, especially those who might want to outsource work to you (like web designers), can only ever help you.  You never know when someone will refer you work or pull you into a project!

Will you fail to find success without a blog? Nope. But here’s what you WILL miss out on: plenty of opportunities to find new clients, grow your business, and network with other successful freelancers within your niche.

So, are you ready? Take the leap and get to blogging!

Have you found freelance writing success through blogging? Share in the comments below.

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  • All excellent reasons for writers to have blogs!

    A blog can take whatever amount of time and energy you choose to invest in it, but one thing to keep in mind:

    Because it serves as an online portfolio of your ability, if you don’t invest enough to make it your best work, it can KEEP you from getting business. Make sure you take the time to choose a good focus and good post topics for your target market, and to make each post the best it can be (if necessary having some posts professionally edited).

    Best wishes to all whose New Year’s resolution is, “Start a blog!”

    Trish O’Connor
    Epiclesis Consulting LLC
    Freelance Editorial Services and Writer’s Resources

  • Krishna says:

    Can you please explain some tips through which i can become a writer and earn a decent amount of money?

  • Saurav says:

    Is it true that i can earn a lot of money in the writing business?
    If yes, then which resources are required for starting this business

  • Great pointers as to why we, as writers, need our own blogs. I agree, and although I use my blog primarily to feature the inspiring stories of my Tales2Inspire winners, once in awhile I post a blog with step-by-step instructions to help others. Two of them give specific how-to directions to guide tore through the sometimes murky waters! Try a) Blog Like an Expert () and b) How to Promote Your Blog So the World Takes Notice ( ‎)
    Happy blogging!

  • lawrence says:

    I’m having a website built for my freelance biz. Since much of my work is B-B, I need to show prospective clients/customers I’m not a one-trick pony. My blog will be anything but B-B. That’s a really good change of pace for me. Working on my blog posts will keep me out and about, meaning out in the real world interviewing people, taking pictures. That will keep the creative juices flowing and ward off the blues that come when work’s scarce.
    Anyone got any tips on how to monetize a blog?

  • Nandini says:

    this post is awesome. i way you are explained about blogs that was fabulous. thank you so much for this valuable post.i’m waiting for your next post.

  • George Tindle says:

    With reference to point 7, “Rather than taking a breather from the work and allowing yourself to slide into a slum,…”, surely it should read “Rather than taking a breather from the work and allowing yourself to slide into a slump,…”, this shows that you can’t rely on a spell-checker to highlight all the errors.

    • Thanks, George! We’ve fixed that 🙂

      Jessica, Editor

      • lawrence says:

        Once a copy editor, always a copy editor. Or should there be a semi-colon used instead of a comma?

        • In the third graf: “Us freelancers have a lot to deal with” should be “We freelancers have a lot to deal with.” Take out freelancers and it would read, “Us have a lot to deal with.” However, the entire paragraph needs to be reworked.

          Maybe this: We freelancers deal with many tasks: hefty administrative workloads, endless project scoping and delivery, customer management and more. It often seems the work never ends.

        • Robin Harris says:

          The comma is correct. If you think of the two arts of your sentence as complete sentences in themselves, a semicolon would be correct. As your sentence stands “once a copy editor” is not a complete sentence.

  • Simon oyewole says:

    Do not be haste so that you will not be waste
    But wait so that you may be weight

  • Sarah Jay says:

    Great post! Thank you so much.

  • Kate wilson says:

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing such useful information regarding this tool. I knew about it but thanks for explaining it briefly, as it will really help me in writing a perfect article for my clients.

  • As a freelance writer still working on defining my niche, should I use my blog as a tool for that? In other words, as a way to show some of the stuff I rather be writing than what I am currently working on?

    I have debated back and forth with myself over whether or not to maintain a blog on my new site… I mean, honestly, I don’t envision it getting much, if any, traffic. Is it a waste of time if no one reads it?

  • Great job! I like to read your posts, especially those regarding blog post writing services. I am a new blogger and I constantly search different helpful material to refine my skills. Your blog is the best one I have found so far.

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