Tell Us Your Favorite Writing Websites!

Tell Us Your Favorite Writing Websites!

It seems far off on the calendar, but January is one of our favorite times of the year here at The Write Life. It’s a time for new beginnings and new goals. And we want to help you prepare for one of your best years yet!

That’s where our 100 Best Websites for Writers list comes in.

After compiling fantastic resources in 2014 and 2015, we’re excited to bring you the ultimate list of your favorite writing sites in 2016.

Whether your goal for 2016 is to get more freelance writing clients, finish your ebook (and sell it!), or seeing your byline in a major magazine, we’ve got you covered with this list of websites for writers. We want to make sure we include valuable resources, and to do that, we need your help.

What’s your favorite writing website? Which blogs do you visit for inspiration, information or writing-related entertainment? Which sites have earned bookmark status on your toolbar? Who do you want to nominate for our list?

Let us know your favorite sites in the comments. We’re looking forward to sharing the list with you in January!

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  • Cyn K says:

    Yeah Write ( has three different weekly writing challenges, a monthly poetry slam monthly guides for fiction and non-fiction. It’s a supportive community where I’ve learned so much and continue to grow as a writer.

  • Lorene Albers says:

    I strongly recommend that “Standoutbooks” be included in your “best websites for writers” in 2016.

    I have been receiving their newsletter for quite some time now and actually look forward for them to arrive in my in-box. In fact, I save most of their articles in a special folder and refer back to them if and when needed, sometimes just for the sheer pleasure of re-reading them.

    Not only is the content of Standoutbooks’ articles informative and of high quality, but also useful, well written, and of great value to all writers, novice and accomplished alike, who are passionate about their craft.

    So far as “best websites” go, Standoutbooks should definitely be on top of your list.

    Thank you.
    Lorene Albers
    Author / Copywriter
    Mississauga, ON – Canada

  • Andrew Voelker says:

    My vote is for Standoutbooks. Their website (and their extremely professional team) played a vital role in helping me craft and publish my first novel.

  • Claire says:


    Great website and resources and super newsletters that I have found useful as a first time author!

  • Rina Caballar says:

    The Write Life has really good advice for writers. I highly recommend Beyond Your Blog for its directory of submission opportunities, blogging tips and podcasts with editors.

  • Joan Potter says:

    I enjoy Standout Books. I read all of their posts, and ave found inspiration and useful information from each of them. I’ve also used their services for book formatting and editing, and have found them to be top-notch.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Karen from Untamedwriting.comis the best… this site offers so much valuable information AND she’s funny… What more is there?

  • Josie Aplin says:

    Karen Marston from Untamed Writing absolutely nails it when it comes to teaching how to write for the web. Her sassy style, matched with years of experience makes for motivational reading, where you’re actually learning as your making your way through her blog.

    If you’re serious about starting a career in freelance writing, you must check this girl out!

  • Sophie says:

    Untamed Writing!

  • Cassie says:

    The Middle Finger Project and Brain Pickings are two of my absolute favorites.

    Recent favorites includes Blots & Plots and She’s Novel.

    And I’ll throw my site in there – Witty Title Here (, a community and resource for emerging writers. 🙂

  • Annette Zoheret says:

    I find Standoutbooks has many interesting and useful blogs and tips.

  • Carol Kanthan says:

    I find has very good tips on writing. They run courses too.

  • Henry Herz says:

    For children’s book writers,

  • Alicia Rades says:

    Some of my favorites are Be a Freelance Blogger, Little Zots, Freelancer FAQs, and Elna Cain. I also enjoy QuickSprout for marketing tips.

  • Dave Bricker says: offers over 100 articles on writing and book design, video tutorials, archived Periscopes by writers, free enhancements to Indesign flipbooks, Embedded eBooks you can read on the web, and plenty of straight talk about publishing.

  • Shai says: and are really good. And

  • james jay says:…..LucyVHay….gotta like this!

  • Rachael Howard says:

    My reference for things writerly is
    Lucy manages to give the information in an entertaining way and there is a mine of useful posts on there.

  • Sophia Tamaro says:, 100%. This one is for you, Lucy V Hay!

  • Peter Devonald says: is a fantastic site for screenwriters with excellent articles and amazing insight into the writing process — and the industry as a whole. Hugely recommended – Lucy Hay has created a vastly informative and valuable site.

  • Emma D Dryden says:

    I;d like to nominate Children’s book writers and illustrators tell me this is a favorite go-to site for information and inspiration. Thank you.

    I’d also like to nominate Harold Underdown’s website, The Purple Crayon — – it’s a fantastic resource for anything related the writing, crafting,and publishing of children’s books.

    Finally,, which is the website for Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators — the 22,000-member strong global organization that offers writing workshops, conferences, resources, and more to authors and artists at all stages of their children’s book careers.

  • Victoria Ichizli-Bartels says:

    TheKillZone is brilliant and of course the Passive Guy and his PassiveVoice e-mails.

  • Lynda Kennedy says:

    I am now addicted to – an abundance of fab stuff, updated more or less on a daily basis. There’s also a ‘support group’ on Facebook which helps on the old isolation front – a watering hub for likeminded souls. Bang2write is an absolute must for any writer – regardless of career stage.

  • Tina Hammond says:

    My favorites are:

  • Tracy Line says:

    Here are my favorites:

    The Write Life
    Jane Friedman
    The Renegade Writer
    Molly Greene

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