Tell Us: What Are Your Favorite Writing Websites?

Tell Us: What Are Your Favorite Writing Websites?

Okay writers, pencils down! Just for a minute, step away from your NaNoWriMo novels and control-save that magazine article.

We need your help.

You’ve seen our list of the best writer resources for 2014, 2015 and 2016.

We look forward to continuing the tradition with a new edition of 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2017.

Whether your goal for 2017 is to land a book deal, become a full-time freelancer, up your guest posting game or find a writing partner-in-crime, we’ve got you covered with this list of websites for writers. We want to make sure we include valuable resources, and to do that, we need your input.

What’s your favorite writing website? Which blogs do you visit for inspiration, information or writing-related entertainment? Which sites have earned bookmark status on your toolbar? Who do you want to nominate for our list?

Let us know your favorite sites in the comments. We’re looking forward to sharing the list with you in January!

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  • Shaul S. says:

    Pretty fond of for freelance stuff, or when it comes to fiction.

  • Monica Sharman says:

    I’ll nominate three: (also my favorite podcast) (Two of my favorites there: the infographics on poetry forms, and the series on how to write a college essay — which benefits more than just college applicants.)

  • Xu says:

    Day Job Optional! For female writers who want to be location independent.

  • Elinor Perry-Smith says:

    My favourite is Bang2write. It’s a one-stop shop for all sorts of free resources.

  • Xu says:

    Looks like my comment was deleted? But I really want to recommend this site:

    For female writers striving to become location independent. 🙂

  • AW says:

    As a screenwriter and Script Analyst I frequent the following websites:

  • Tom Bentley says:

    These have all been mentioned, and with good reason:

    WriterUnboxed –
    Make a Living Writing –
    Funds for Writers –
    Helping Writers Become Authors –

    And for copywriting and content marketing:

    And of course, because I like to openly pander: The Write Life!

  • Ali Larsen says:

    I think is a place all writers should check out. I have a freelancing gig on there and I make $400-$600/month. And that’s only working part time. It doesn’t help for creative writing, but it can be a side job that makes a good deal of money. It’s worth checking out at least.

  • Chuck Jackson says:

    I have been hanging out on several sights, but the one that given me the best support is Two Drops of Ink ( )

  • Fiona Pitt-kethley says:

    I like It´s a brilliant site for free comps and magazine entries all over the world.

  • Ann L. Coker says:

    I signed up to get e-news regularly from several writing sites: The Write Life; Jane Friedman: and Steve Laube Agency: For research when writing devotionals I use Bible Gateway: and Public Domain Hymns:

  • sarah pritchard says:

    Cathy’s Comps & Calls- brilliant monthly list of Free submissions keeps me very busy & published!!

  • Cheryl Pearson says:

    I find the monthly post at Cathy Bryant’s “Comps and Calls” absolutely invaluable in terms of finding credible places to submit my writing. Cathy supplies a list of upcoming opportunities split into sections (contests, opportunities with deadlines etc), so it’s a clear-cut and condensed list of opportunities for writers to work through.

    I’ve placed in more than one contest I’ve seen here, and had poems published in four journals at last count. The info provided with the links is clear and concise, and there are a range of opportunities for writers at every stage of their writing career. It’s my first port of call on the first of the month – and from the feedback I’ve seen from other writers, I’m not the only one who finds it an amazing resource. Find it at:

  • Emma wootton says:

    Comps and calls has been an invaluable resource for finding places to publish niche works and all without extortionate fees that can cripple upcoming writers. Go Cathy for maintaining such a site!

  • Linda Kennedy says:

    My fave site has to be Cathy’s Comps and Calls.

    At the beginning of each month this lady publishes a substantial list of free to enter writing competitions. She seems to be able to unearth an excellent cross section of themes and marks each comp whether it is paying/contributor copy etc.

    It’s always a fascinating read even if you don’t enter many.

    Linda x

  • Angi Holden says:

    I would like to recommend Cathy’s Comps and Calls. Every month Cathy Bryant Thomas posts a list of opportunities for writers here: There are other sites that provide similar lists, but this one is special as it is freely accessible to everyone, without subscription. The opportunities include online and print magazine call-outs and competitions, and they share one specific characteristic: they are all free to enter and submissions may be made online. Not even the cost of a stamp! I teach at a UK university, and the cost of submitting work is a barrier to publication for many of our students, as it is to many other writers. Well done to Cathy for recogising the need and providing this amazing writers’ resource.

  • Sue Barnard says:

    I love Comps & Calls: It’s a brilliant resource for cash-strapped scribes. Updated each month, it lists competitions and calls for submission which all have free electronic entry. Highly recommended.

  • Miriam Drori says:

    I agree with the above. Comps and Calls saves me all the work of searching for possible homes for my writing.

  • Alison Lock says:

    Cathy’s Comps and Calls is a free site with no subscription with information about all the free-to-enter competitions.

    A great resource. Highly Recommended.

  • Susan Castillo Street says:

    Cathy’s Comps and Calls is a fantastic resource. I’ve found it extremely helpful!

  • Catherine Edmunds says:

    Cathy’s Comps and Calls. SO useful! My go-to resource every month.

  • David Subacchi says:

    Cathy’s Comps and Calls

    Facebook site.

    A tremendous resource for writers and poets.

  • Ben Willems says:

    Cathy’s Comps and Calls is well worth a look – loads of opportunities for publication and payment

  • Sarah Miller says:

    I love Cathy’s Comps and Calls! Always check it if I haven’t got time to look at any other sites. Well worth a look.

  • Maison Piedfort says:

    Karen at Untamed Writing, my fave lady for sure. –
    And Jorden Roper! –

    My career wouldn’t be the same without their guidance.

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