Free Webinar: Self-Publishing Sustainability with Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport

Free Webinar: Self-Publishing Sustainability with Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport

If you’re thinking about self-publishing your work, you probably have tons of questions. Who better to learn from than someone who’s already built their self-publishing business from the ground up? We know that expert advice can be a huge part of how you set your own plan for success in any endeavor — especially self-publishing.

So we’re teaming up with some talented folks who have been there and done that, and are willing to tell you all about it. Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport have built their six-figure self-publishing businesses from the ground up, and for one hour, you can ask them all about their journeys.

Join us for , a free webinar to help you develop your self-publishing dreams into a realistic plan for success.

How to sign up for our free self-publishing webinar

When: 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. EDT on Monday, January 11th, 2016

Cost: Free!

How to register: to sign up

Keep in mind that seats fill up quickly for this type of free training, and there are a limited number of seats available on the live chat. If you’re thinking about joining the webinar, sign up now!

What you’ll learn during the webinar

Steve and Barrie will teach us:

  • How to begin building your author platform
  • How to adapt to changes in the self-publishing industry
  • How to transform your self-publishing efforts into a sustainable business
  • How to build and use an email list to promote your self-published work

A bonus for attending

After the webinar, Steve and Barrie will share a generous discount for their course, Authority Pub Academy, which opens in early January. But you’ll have to stay with us until the end of the webinar to get access to the course discount  

Can’t make the live event? Sign up anyway, and we’ll send you a recording after the webinar, so you can watch and learn on your own time.

See you there!

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