Guest Blogging Spotlight: All the Frugal Ladies

Guest Blogging Spotlight: All the Frugal Ladies

The Blog:


Contact Info: Pitch “All the Frugal Ladies” — founders Dana, Ronnie and Jess — at [email protected]

Topic: All the Frugal Ladies features articles about money management and staying on a budget, from a feminine perspective.  

Target Audience: Their target audience is women of all ages who want to save money.

Compensation: This site typically does not offer compensation for pitched pieces.

Other Perks: Guest posts are heavily promoted on social media, and each piece features an author bio with a link to the writer’s website and social media.

What kind of posts they like:

Interesting tips, ideas, personal experiences regarding budgeting, saving, paying off debt and so on. We have numerous categories on the site so we are open to a variety of post topics and ideas,” said editor Ronnie.

Examples of three posts that have done well:

What you can do to help the editor say YES:

“First, write a great pitch that does not look like a run-of-the-mill template. Personalize it so it’s clear that there is genuine interest to be featured on our blog. Pitching topic ideas on the first email is also a great idea,” Ronnie said.

All the Frugal Ladies also appreciates authors who play an active role in helping to promote the piece on social media and elsewhere.

“Write a great article with valuable information! We prefer unique and helpful guest posts on the site over run-of-the-mill, overdone topics. We love when guest posters can write on a topic we wouldn’t be able to write ourselves,” Ronnie advised.

Lead time: Accepted articles usually get published within two weeks.

Google PageRank: 3

What’s Google PageRank? In basic terms, it’s Google’s assessment of your site, from 1-10, with 10 being best. You want to guest post for sites with high page ranks because when that site links back to your blog, it boosts your SEO.

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