Guest Blogging Spotlight: New Media Expo (NMX)

Guest Blogging Spotlight: New Media Expo (NMX)

Want to get your guest posts published on popular blogs? Through our Guest Blogging Spotlight, we spill the details on how to get your pitches accepted on blogs where you’d love to see your byline.

The Blog: New Media Expo (originally Blog World)


Editor: Allison Boyer

Contact info: [email protected]

Target audience: Bloggers, podcasters, web series producers/writers, vloggers, small business owners, enterprise-level business owners, social leaders.

Compensation: There is no financial compensation.

Other perks: They highlight guest posts in their newsletters, which are sent out to over 40,000 people.

Additionally, if you’re interested in speaking at NMX, guest posting for the blog also allows them to better understand your skills and what it’s like to work with you. “It’s a great way to get your foot in the door,” states Allison. And, depending on the topic, they might be able to syndicate to the TBEX or Small Business blog as well.

Examples of posts that have done well:

  1. Guest Blogging in 2013 — The End of Unsolicited Guest Posts?

  2. 24 Must-Read WordPress Tips and Tricks

  3. How Social Media Changed the Cultural of My Dental Practice

What you can do to help the editor say YES: Follow the guidelines and stay on topic. “It’s usually pretty apparent when someone hasn’t read our blog at all,” says Allison. So make sure you do that before sending them a pitch.

As a bonus, don’t use any of these phrases in your email when pitching your idea. Allison isn’t kidding — she will ignore your guest post query if you do.

Lead time: That depends on how fast the post is written. After pitching it usually takes about a week to hear back with a “yes” or “no”. From there, it’s up to you to write and send them the full post.

In the “off” season (i.e. February to August) guest posts are typically published two to three weeks after approval. “In the months leading up to the show (i.e. September to January), we have more interest and it typically takes three to five weeks to publish the posts, once approved,” warns Allison. It really depends on the topic, though. Sometimes, they have an immediate opening for a certain topic, while other times, it takes them a few weeks to accommodate.

Google Page Rank: 5

What’s Google Page rank? In basic terms, it’s Google’s assessment of your site, from 1-10, with 10 being best. You want to guest post for sites with high page ranks because when that site links back to your blog, it boosts your SEO.

Is NMX on your guest posting list? If you’ve written for them before, how was your experience?

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