Guest Blogging Spotlight: Readers + Writers Journal

Guest Blogging Spotlight: Readers + Writers Journal

The Blog: Readers + Writers Journal


Contact Info: [email protected]

Topic: Readers + Writers Journal welcomes guest posts on a variety of topics: writing tips, marketing, publishing, literary news, opinion pieces, writing tips, and features having to do with books and writers.

Target audience: Readers + Writers Journal welcomes a diverse audience of both readers and authors. The guest posts that have gotten the most likes and shares have been on subjects having to do with writing tips and/or book promotion for self-published authors, but the site remains open to guest posts on a variety of literary subjects.

Compensation: Accepted guest blogs will receive a bio, photo, social media links, a link to the blogger’s website, and if the guest blogger is an author, a thumbnail of their latest book linked to its sales page on Amazon or other site.

Examples of posts that have done well:

Stop Shaming Guilty-Pleasure Reads

Author Guest Post — Author Plugs and Promos

Bad Books on Amazon

Twitter for Book Promotion

Scott Fitzgerald’s Reading List

What you can do to help the editor say YES: “We are always looking for guest posts that offer a unique angle or take on books, writing and publishing,” explains a Readers + Writers Journal editor. “Personal narratives about the writing process, tips on book marketing, opinion pieces on publishing news, personal essays from the perspective of a reader, and even lists are welcome. We discourage posts that promote a product or service without offering anything to the reader. We will do some minor edits, but we ask that guest posts be proofread before submission. Posts that use slurs, including but not limited to misogynist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist slurs will be rejected.”

Lead time: Submissions will receive a response within a week. Accepted articles are usually published within a month.


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  • Bethany Ramey says:

    I was born with health problems it my heart try going to collage didn’t work out for me. So writing children’s books still try to my first book. Just need help writing books.

  • mike says:

    33 years experience as Chicago police officer. I have many stories and anecdotes encompassing those years. I am in the process of writing a novel concerning those events which are both entertaining, enlightening and informative.

  • Peggy Joque Williams says:

    Thanks for alerting us to this opportunity to write a guest post for Readers+Writers Journal. I find it helps to promote my own blog, as well as my novels, when I get a guest blogger gig. In fact, I think I’ll pitch to The Write Life, too! I always find something useful here.


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