James Chartrand’s Write for the Web: Review

James Chartrand’s Write for the Web: Review

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Ebook: by James Chartrand of

About the creator: James Chartrand is the founder and owner of Men with Pens and . Actually a woman writing under , James offers concrete advice on writing, blogging, and web design.

Price: $23

Who it’s for: Write for the Web is for anyone looking to break into the world of online freelance writing. If you’ve wanted to be a professional writer since you were a little kid, if you’ve just lost your job and need pay the bills, or if you simply want to earn an income on your own terms, then Write for the Web is for you.

What It Will Help You Do: This book is about the business of writing as opposed to the how of writing, so if you’re looking to hone your craft it’s not for you. I bought it thinking it would help me write better, though I’m happy to say this is one mistake I absolutely do not regret.

Write for the Web focuses on the fundamentals, such as what you need to get started as a freelance writer, how to land your very first client and what to tell potential clients in your proposal. It also covers practical stuff like organizing your freelance writing business in such a way that it attracts clients as well as being fully prepared before the first one ‘walks through the door.’ It even covers rate negotiation, client service and how to avoid those all too common scams that trick newbies into working for a pittance.

What’s Included: At 89 pages, Write for the Web is a fairly quick read. However in spite of its brevity the book is packed with useful, easy to implement information. In addition to the five parts outlined below, it also contains links to useful books, tools and websites and also offers a wealth of Common Sense Tips.

  • All about you

  • All about your market

  • All about your business

  • All about your writing

  • All about finding work.

  • Bonus section: markets outside of the web

The Best Part: James’ writing style is engaging, informative and often quite humorous. I loved that she was able to take what is essentially a very ‘business-heavy’ subject and convey it in such a way that it’s not only super easy to understand, but makes you want to laugh out loud in places too.

What Would Make It Even Better: I would have loved a section on how to showcase my writing samples. It explains how to build up your portfolio, but not what to do with it afterwards. However, this is a very minor quibble when you take into account everything else the book has to offer.

How It Changed My Life: I came to this book hoping to hone my craft and ended up improving my marketing and business savvy instead. Write for the Web has helped me to think outside the box when it comes to finding work as a freelance writer.

Our Recommendation: If you’re motivated enough to do the work (because let’s face it, there’s no getting around that part), but short on cash and know-how, then this is probably the best $23 investment you can make to kick-start your freelance writing career.

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  • Joe says:

    Sounds good!

    I’m at the stage where I am looking for more higher paying clients, so this sounds like a book that could help me with that?

  • Angela says:

    Hey Joe

    I have no excuse for my tardiness, so I’ll just apologize for my late response. Sorry!

    There’s no doubting the book has a lot to offer, but I’m wondering if it’s not at too much of a beginner level for you? If you’re at a stage where you’re looking for higher paying clients that means you’ve been in the bizz for a while, right?

    I’d say if you’re feeling comfortable with freelancing, but just want to move to the next level then it’s probably not for you. However if you’re still something of a newbie then go ahead and grab a copy, it’ll be money well spent.

    Hope that helps! Ang 🙂

  • Bolu says:


    I also thought the book was about how to write,especially as one of the items promised was a portfolio of sample work by the end of the book.

    For someone who is just starting out,what book(s) do you recommend on how to write for the web,especially one with exercises so you have a portfolio of sample works?

    Thank you.