Meet The Write Life’s New Managing Editor

Meet The Write Life’s New Managing Editor

Hello there, writers!

My name is Jessica Lawlor and I am the new managing editor of The Write Life.

Wow, that feels pretty awesome to write.

You may recognize my name (or perhaps, my words). I’ve been a contributing writer around these parts for quite some time. I’m an avid supporter, reader, and let’s face it, superfan, of The Write Life and TWL founder, .

Let’s get acquainted

A little bit about me:

  • At heart, I’m a writer. It’s what I’ve always done. It’s what I do now. I blog about and dabble with creative fiction, too.
  • I’m a voracious reader. When I was three years old, my parents gave me a basket of books for Christmas, and I refused to open my other presents until I was finished reading each and every book. #NerdAlert
  • I quit a safe career in public relations in December to take my communications consulting, blog/brand, speaking and teaching full time. I’m documenting this journey in a series called (juicy income breakdowns included, if you’re into that sort of thing). I wear *many* hats: communications professional, consultant, blogger, writer, editor, yoga teacher, adjunct professor…the list goes on. I’ve cobbled all of my passions into a career.

Now, I want to learn about you!

As a contributing writer for the site, I already know The Write Life’s community is passionate and engaged.

As managing editor, I want to work even harder to make sure our team is delivering you high-quality and valuable information that makes you a stronger writer, helps you earn money writing and moves you closer to your writing dreams.

Here’s how you can get involved:

For those who have been part of The Write Life community for the last year, you’ve been reading the meticulously edited words of the wonderful , editor and writer extraordinaire. Please join me in a big round of internet applause for Lisa for the dedication, creativity and love she’s poured into this site. I have very large shoes to fill. We’ll miss Lisa, but she’s onto new adventures in Florida at . We wish her very well!

A new chapter unfolds…

Until next time,

Jessica Lawlor

Managing Editor, The Write Life

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