The Unlost E-Course: Review

The Unlost E-Course: Review

Product: The Unlost E-Course and E-Guides

About the Creator: Therese Schwenkler understands what it means to be unhappy with the direction you’re headed, and at the same time completely uncertain about how to change it. Armed with degrees in psychology and accounting, she found herself staring at her cubicle wall and wondering if there was more to life. She quit her job in 2011 and started building a life she truly loves simply through trial and error, and now she helps others do the same.

Price: Therese offers an Unlost E-Guide, which is available year round and has a tiered pricing structure as follows:

The Guide + Complimentary Videos: $29.99

The Guide + Complimentary Videos + Exclusive Interviews: $39.99

The Guide + Complimentary Videos + Exclusive Interviews + Personalized “Finding Your Way” Coaching: $99.99

The Unlost E-Course add-on is available periodically and offers a $39 discount if you purchase the E-Guide as well. The final price for the E-Course is currently TBD.

Who It’s For: Go-getters of any age trying to figure out the next step in life.

What It Will Help You Do: The course will help you realize and accept that it’s okay to be uncertain about your life path, and that there is no such thing as the “perfect” career or college major. You’ll learn how to make deliberate decisions about your life through action and experimentation, without trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations.

What’s Included: The course delivers eight modules consisting of written content and videos. If you opt for one of the premium courses you will also be given action-inspiring homework assignments, be able to join the Unlost Facebook group, and be part of a small discussion group with whom you can dig into your struggles and plan to overcome them.

The Best Part: The small group meetings as part of the E-Course were far and away the most valuable part of the course. The content came to life when I had the opportunity to talk things over with my group and we all agreed that our group meetings felt like a “safe place.” I still keep in touch with my group members–we schedule a Google Hangout about once a month.

What Would Make It Even Better: When I took the course, the Facebook community didn’t yet exist. My group felt somewhat isolated and wished that we could connect with other people taking the course. There was a forum on the Unlost website but it wasn’t really effective. Now that the Facebook group is up and running there will likely be a lot more interaction across the small groups.

How It Changed My Life: When I started the Unlost E-Course I felt completely stuck. I knew I wasn’t happy at my corporate job and with the general direction of my life but I had no idea how to change gears because I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do.

The course taught me how to listen to my gut instincts and find my way by experimenting and evaluating over and over (and over) again. These days I split my time between freelance work and a part-time marketing gig at a mid-sized wireless retailer and service provider. I’m also tackling some big goals and have never felt more confident or more in control of my life and the path I’m traveling.

Our Recommendation: I enthusiastically recommend this course as long as you are willing to do some serious soul searching and take action where it’s needed.

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  • Razwana says:

    Well, hey there, Amy! So awesome to see you on this fabulous new site!

    The course sounds rockin. Sounds like it really helps propel life in a different (and much needed, I imagine) direction.

  • Amy Chick says:

    Hey Razwana, thanks for the comment! It’s a great course and Therese is fantastic.