Valuable Productivity Apps That Help Freelancers Get Way More Done

Valuable Productivity Apps That Help Freelancers Get Way More Done

When you’re a freelancer, you are every department of your business—sales, A/R, administration, IT. Not to mention, you know, the actual writing part.

Your time is valuable, so spending time on unnecessary tasks (or doing necessary tasks in an inefficient manner) is not good for business, literally. Which is why we’ve compiled this list of apps that will help you cut back on wasted time, boost productivity and get on to the high-value work that really makes your business hum.

So whatever your need, there is — as they say — an app for that. Here are some of our favorites. Different apps work best for different people, so check out their sites for a preview of features and screenshots. Some even offer a free trial so you can try them on for size.

Time Tracking

Whether it’s keeping track of how long you’ve worked on a project or learning just how much time you’re wasting doing other things (so you can swiftly cut them out), these apps have your back.

Taking Notes and Organizing Your Thoughts

Keep your brilliant gems at your fingertips and easily findable by letting these apps take the complexity out of capturing all those fleeting inspirations.

Conquering Your To-Do Lists

Categorize, prioritize, sort and ultimately cross off your tasks with these apps.

Managing Team Projects

These apps help collaborate in a way that’s quick, intuitive and a lot easier than playing neverending email tag.

Concentrating, Already!

Sometimes that smartphone/tablet/computer that’s enabling us to do all these awesome things is also our worst enemy. So tap into the power of these concentration apps to block out distractions, improve your focus and get down to business.

What’s your favorite app for getting a lot done?

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  • Elke Feuer says:

    I love Toodledo, and Evernote. I didn’t realize Mindjet had an app. Thanks for that tip!

    I’m going to check out the apps for under concentrating already.

  • Rick says:

    Awesome list! I used Evernote on a daily basis but the other are fairly new to me. Thanks for the list!

  • Stephanie says:

    Kelly, you have listed some of my favorite apps here. I have been freelancing for too long now and I know the value of being productive at work. These days I’m using Talygen for tracking project time. They also offer mobile integration which is just amazing.

  • Nidhi Thapar says:

    I also like to use Mail Timer for Gmail. Mail Timer lets you choose how much time you want to spend on an open email. When the time frame is up, you get a pop-up telling you to move on. You can get it at Chrome’s web store.

    Thank you for the other suggestions!

  • Charlie says:

    Hi. I’m Charlie with Hubstaff. Thank you for putting together this great list of productivity apps for freelancers. Freelancers might also be interested in our very own (), which has time-tracking with screenshots, payments, and projects.

  • I’ve been using Scrivener, with Evernote as a companion, and liking Scrivener a lot—though there is a learning curve. You didn’t mention it, what do you think about it?

  • Stephie Daniel says:

    Fantastic list for productivity purpose. One more tool I wanna include in this list, the cloud based task management software from Replicon ( ) which operates in the cloud based platform making the things go in a smooth manner and getting things done up with precision and with better manageability.

  • kuhlman says:

    Excellent posting. I became examining frequently this site that i’m empowered! Helpful information and facts especially the previous piece 🙂 My spouse and i manage like details lots. I’d been searching for that certain data to get a period of time. Thanks a lot as well as all the best !.

  • You didn’t mention Wrike, which I just recently discovered for project management. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be “formal” project management. But I find using it with clients, it cuts down on digging through emails to find out who said what last. I invite them to a Project in Wrike and we can scope out everything including notes in one place.

    And, it’s totally free to use. Literally, yes, really. So, let’s say I have 12 clients, I can log in once with my credentials and see them all. I would just sign each client up under their email, invite myself and I’m good to go.

    Patricia Nixon
    Nixon Virtual Strategies

    The Power of Delegation
    recognized by Forbes

  • Eric says:

    When it comes to considering freelancer’s productivity tools then time and attendance software are must, Buddy Punch () also is a tool for productivity. What it can do is it helps you track your time while you’re working on your computer and then provides analytics to show key areas where improvements can be made.

  • John says:

    Time is near when we’ll see such time tracking software ruling the world with their immense power of keeping the time record of the remotely employees.

    Here is another article () it described the usability of time tracking apps in a decent manner

  • Latarsha says:

    Great collection of apps, Kelly. Thank you for sharing them with us. They are definitely of great help to freelance writers whose time are very valuable indeed. Aside from these tools, I want to add 3 more elements to help freelance writers unlock their writing productivity. It’s all in this   

    Organizing work. Every minute is valuable. Remove distractions by blocking off social media sites. Schedule your pre-work and post-work processes accordingly. Find your most productive time of the day and use it to squeeze your creative juices.

    Develop creative frameworks or templates. One of the most tried and tested blog template is the Introduction, the body and the confusion + call to action. You can also develop templates for different blog articles that you will be writing.

    Delicate. As a freelancer, you are everything, the talent, the boss, and the help. When overwhelmed with workloads, consider outsourcing or delegating work so you can focus your energy on the creative process.

  • Ashpreet says:

    Great list. I would like to suggest one more tool, ProofHub. It comes with so many amazing features. For any field Managing projects is a great challenge so we can use Proofhub for the same. A must try tool.